Customer Contacts

Manage all your customers from anywhere from one easy to use, interface.

Easily search and view your customers and ‘become’ them as an administrator to view and update their orders.

Export your customer details to use their details in 3rd party software.

Customer Payments

Online payments using PayPal, or integration of your existing credit card system.

Manual payments are supported using cheque or bank transfer (EFT).

Mailchimp Integration

MailChimp subscription is automatically linked to customer sign-up, with the option for your customers to receive your regular newsletters.

Credit Management

Box-o-Matic provides a pre-paid credit based system. Like topping up your pre-paid phone credit, customers can top up their Box-o-Matic credit, ready for purchases.

Box-o-Matic can also handle post paid purchases, tracking how much each customer owes.