Ongoing Orders

Customers can easily place regular orders and change settings for future orders online, using a mobile friendly web interface.

Delivery and Pickup Locations

Box-o-Matic handles multiple delivery regions, pickup locations and run dates.

Custom Orders

Customers can order standard food boxes and also select additional items they’d like to add to each order.

Produce Ordering Calculator

Box-o-Matic features a unique box packing calculator to allow the system co-ordinator to easily calculate the amount of produce to place in each box, to determine the wholesale value. Produce can be swapped in and out and custom boxes can be created on the fly.

The box packing calculator, provides detailed packing lists with packing station capability and delivery location sorting, ready for packing and delivery.

Bar Code Tracking

Box-o-Matic features box sticker printing functionality with QR codes, so order status can be tracked. This allows staff to know exactly which boxes have been collected and delivered.