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Welcome to Box-o-Matic!

As the co-founder of a local food box system myself, I’m really pleased to announce the availability of Box-o-Matic.

When we started our food box project, we originally tried many shopping cart systems including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and order forms such as Gravity Forms and Form Manager but nothing would properly suit a local food project due to the way customers need to easily repeat their regular orders.

After spending over $100.00 a month to run Shopify for 20 customers!! (it still hurts), we switched to a combination of a WordPress form and Google Docs to keep things cheap and cheerful. However, once we hit the 60+ mark, the amount of administration time was ridiculous and was really starting to hurt the growth of the project. Especially when we were making simple mistakes which were due to running multiple spread sheets.

Apart from a local foodbox guy, I also happen to be a web developer of 10 years, but it was a tricky situation at first, because as much as I wanted to build a system for our little project, I couldn’t drag myself away from paid work for quite some time. However, I’m aware its a lot trickier for organisations that don’t have developers at all. Even with funding, I know it can be a mine field to navigate your way through finding a reliable developer to produce a working system. This thought is what spurred myself and Francis to bite the bullet, put in some planning and build Box-o-Matic.

We looked around and found a few local food systems. However, they were either in their infancy and didn’t do what we wanted, or they were completely cloud based so we couldn’t be able to have any features or changes added in the future.

In addition, we didn’t like the idea of being completely beholden to a foreign system of which we’d never be able to customise. Running on a remote system was ok, but what would happen if we grew and couldn’t change the system, we’d have to leave and lose all the energy we’d put into getting our data right.

By default, the Box-o-Matic system runs on our servers in Sydney. However, you have your own installation so it can be customised to suit your needs and if your project goes bananas, you can grab a license to the source code so you can hire your own developers to take it from there.

I’m really proud of our system and hope you’ll love it too. Feel free to give me a call on 0414 666 518 anytime to chat about your local food system. Even if it’s just to introduce yourself and have a chat. I’d love to hear from you.

Kind regards,


Donovan Craig

About the author: Donovan Craig

Donovan is the founder of Snapfrozen and has been working professionally on the web since 1997. Donovan has successfully completed hundreds of web projects including systems for media monitoring, content management, solar and food distribution. In his spare time, Donovan is into mountain biking, bush walking, camping and spending time with his three kids. Connect with Donovan on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.